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Looking for a Valid / Fake Credit Card Numbers Generator? You are in the right place, our tool is simple and straightforward in providing you with a credit card number along with the three-digit security and expiration date, that is, everything you need to conduct online shopping tests on your systems Or Platforms in development.

If you are a System Administrator and need to run valid Credit Card numbers, our site can help you with exactly what you need.

Developed to execute the command Generate a Valid Credit Card number and according to the standards of the market, and can not lack the security digits or expiration date.

Test with the Valid Credit Card Numbers Generator

Being a student or system programmer, the Credit Card Generator tool is ideal for you, in a single click, to generate a valid credit card number for your tests.

Generate Credit Card Number Made Easy

That’s right, generating credit card numbers is super easy with our online tool, since you only need 1 click to get the data.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Generator

What is the purpose of this Credit Card Generator?

For software testing, systems are still in the development phase and need fake data for the first data insertions and subsequent tests.

Can I generate a credit card number and make purchases with it?

The answer is no. The credit card numbers generated in our online tool only allows you to perform software tests, systems in development and tests of this nature.

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What happens if I want to buy with this number?

Simply e-commerce will refuse the numbers generated in our tool when it comes time to check if it is a valid credit card for online purchases or not.

Terms & Conditions

The misuse of the data produced with our credit card number generator tool is the sole and total responsibility of the user.

The generated numbers are created in a way that respects the same rules for creating credit card numbers (with the difference that they are not valid for purchases), and are generated in a random manner.

Learn a little about the history of how Credit Cards were Generated

As most of us know, Credit Card has become a very useful invention and allows you to make payments electronically, both nationally and internationally.

For those who do not know, the Card Number appeared in 1920, in the USA, appeared to represent a kind of credit for loyal customers, those known as good payers by the owners of establishments. But until then the idea had only stayed so far.

get credit card numbersIt was in 1950 at a meeting of financial executives at a New York restaurant that Frank MacNamara came up with this idea after unfortunately forgetting his money and checkbook at home.

The idea came in a very favorable situation, because his profession took him to think about this form of convenience, allowing the client to pay his bills at another time.

That same year, Frank started the The Diners Club card, which was initially made of cardboard.

The same was only accepted in only twenty-seven restaurants and only 200 people (friends of Frank) at that time used the equipment.

Two years later many people were already using the credit card, so much that it was already being accepted by a large portion of the establishments and won its International version the same year.

Three years ahead the card was already being produced in the plastic material.

Even today this card exists, its name is now Diners Club International.

What Types and Banners Does the Credit Card Number Generator Work?

Let’s go to the types one by one:

Visa C. C. Generator

I believe that this one in Brazil is one of the best known. Visa Inc. is also a North American company, was founded in 1958, its headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

Visa is a great company, connects its consumers, financial institutions, governments and companies in more than 200 countries, all using its “digital currency”.

Visa’s system operates with VisaNet, a worldwide data processing and financial operations network that supports more than 10,000 transactions every second.

In 2009 alone the network processed 62,000,000,000 billion transactions that resulted in a total volume of $ 4 , 4 trillion dollars!

MasterCard Card Generator

MasterCard, also a North American payment company, has a base of over 25 million customers worldwide, including the Maestro and Cirrus brands.

ELO Credit Card Generator

We will also see the ELO Card, which is the merger of three large companies, namely: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Caixa Econômica Federal, which have united and created the ELO banner.

ELO offers loans to companies and individuals, credit, debit and prepaid methods.

Credicard Credit Card Generator

Credicard was born in the 1970s, initially called Citicard, because of Citi, a Brazilian subsidiary of The First National Bank.

Credicard is one of the best known cards in Brazil.

American Express Credit Card Generator

The American Express Card is owned by US financial services company AMEX, which also operates travel, insurance, financial advisory services and mutual funds.

The headquarters of the company is in New York, generator of valid credit card of which this card is for people of high income.

Below is the list of Minimum Income for each type of American Express Card:

  • Bradesco Amex Credit Card (minimum income of R $ 1,500.00)
  • Blue Card (R $ 2,000.00)
  • Gold Credit Card (income of R $ 3,000.00)
  • Business and Business Card APM (R $ 5,000.00)
  • Platinum Credit Card (R $ 6,000.00)

Valid credit card numberAre you impressed? So check out these other shopping cards here:

  • American Express Green Card (minimum income is $ 5,000.00)
  • American Express Gold (R $ 8,000.00)
  • The Platinum Card (R $ 20,000.00)
fake credit card number
fake credit card number

Diners Club Fake Credit Card Number Generator

The history of the Diners Club already told above, this was the pioneer of the cards that were born starring the history of the cards and that survives until today.

Hipercard Fake Credit Card Number Generator

Hipercard is a card that has its own banner, accepted practically all over Brazil. Created by the Bompreço group, it is currently controlled by Itaú Unibanco.

Online credit card

This card was born in Pernambuco and after partnering with Redecard
Considerably its acceptance in thousands of establishments, so much that in 2011 they had exclusive partnership with Walmart.

In short, use our tool, the Valid C. C. Generator as many times as you want or need, it will always be at your disposal.

Check back often.

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